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Clients: If you are experiencing any respiratory illness symptoms, please call us before bringing your pet in for their appointment and we can discuss options for having your pet seen.  Thank you!

- Can my pet become ill with or spread COVID-19?

- Currently, there is no evidence that your pet can become ill with COVID-19 or spread it to humans or animals.

- Can I bring my pet into the Veterinary Hospital for care?

          - If you are healthy and your pet is needing veterinary care, please call your veterinarian to discuss an appointment.  There are precautions being taken by your veterinarian that they will inform you of, over the phone, before your appointment.

- Can I have contact with my animal if I have been tested and am positive with COVID-19?

            - If you are ill with COVID-19, the current recommendation is to limit contact with your pet.  It is recommended that another member of your household care for the pet.

            - Anyone caring for your pet should avoid kissing or hugging the pet and wash their hands before and after handling the pet.

- Should I test my pet for COVID-19?

          - At this time, testing for COVID-19 in animals is not recommended. Consult your veterinarian if your pet is acting ill.

Resource: Minnesota Board of Animal Health & American Veterinary Medical Association

Valley Veterinary Hospital is a small and exotic animal practice located in Fargo, North Dakota. Our emphasis is on high quality care and client communication. We are proud to be a member of  AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) — esteemed among veterinarians and pet owners for its standard of excellence.

As an AAHA hospital, we have provided quality animal care in Fargo–Moorhead since 1954, and we were the first veterinary hospital in North Dakota to be accredited by the association. 

Currently there are only 8 veterinary hospitals in North Dakota with this accreditation. AAHA is a voluntary organization committed to maintaining the highest standards of veterinary medical care. We take pride in providing quality care to our clients.

To maintain our status as an AAHA–accredited practice, our pet health care team must comply with more than 900 individual standards of veterinary care. 

Our Mission Statement is to fulfill the needs of our clients by providing high quality health services through a responsive, professional staff with the emphasis on individual attention and commitment to community service.
We voluntarily undergo a periodic, detailed evaluation of our practice. We believe being an accredited AAHA member keeps us on the leading edge and focused on providing you and your pet with the quality health care services you need and expect.

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