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We are a full service veterinary hospital providing diagnostic services, including: 
Wellness Exams – Our wellness examinations include a general analysis of your pet's physical condition, including ears, eyes, heart, lungs, teeth, weight, and overall appearance.

Laboratory – We provide a full range of in-hospital diagnostic testing.  Our blood chemistry analyzer enables us to evaluate your pet's internal organ and thyroid function.  We often have results to you the same day.  We utilize diagnostic laboratories for specialty tests that we are unable to run in our laboratory.

Radiology – Equipt with a high quality x-ray machine and digital processor, we are able to take radiographs of your pet and have them available within minutes.  We refer all of our radiographs and ultrasound images to board certified radiologists who review your pet's individual case and consult the our doctors on their findings.  

Ultrasound – A diagnostic tool for non-invasive scanning of body systems.

– All our surgeries are performed with gas anesthesia, electronic patient monitoring systems, and sterile technique.  We are strong advocates of prevention and management of pain and we use a wide range of agents and techniques to provide pain relief for our patients.  Our patients are continuously monitored by our staff during any procedure by both electronic and direct methods.  IV catheters are used on all patients during surgery and dental cleanings to maintain a steady blood pressure while under anesthesia and also to serve as a direct route for emergency medications, if needed.

CO2 Laser Surgery
- At Valley Veterinary Hospital our doctors have many years of experience with laser surgery.  All of our declaw procedures are performed with a CO2 laser and any other surgical procedure may be performed with our laser instead of the traditional scalpel blade at your request for an additional fee.  The advantages of laser surgery include less bleeding and less pain. 

Hospital care – We aim to combine truly compassionate care for our patients with the highest standards of medicine and surgery.

Outpatient Wellness Care and Client Education
 -- We offer a wide range of information to guide you through all stages of your pet's life.

Emergency Service – We utilize Red River Animal Emergency Clinic to handle all after hour emergencies.  For 
hours and information see our contact page or reach them at 701-478-9299.

Dental Care – Our dental cleaning involves ultrasonic dental scaling on the tooth surface and under the gum line, polishing to make the surface of the tooth smooth, an anti–bacterial rinse, and home care kit.  Bonded Sealant is available for enamel defects to seal the tooth prior to bacteria invading the root canal.  Similar to your experience at a dentist's office, we perform full mouth digital radiographs on all of our dental patients.  This ensures that we are not missing any underlying dental disease that is forming but not yet visible and helps to prevent future problems, and pain, for your pet.  Take advantage or our yearly repeat dental cleaning discount: after the first dental cleaning and full mouth radiographs, subsequent dental cleanings and radiographs performed on a yearly basis are subject to a reduced rate.  Call our office to find out more! 

Intraocular Pressure (I.O.P.) – A tonometer is used to measure the pressures in the eye to test for glaucoma, uveitis, and other conditions of the eye.

Acupuncture - Dr. Winning is certified in veterinary acupuncture. For more information check out our Acupuncture page.

Exotic Pet – We offer vaccinations, deworming, radiographs, ultrasound, various surgical procedures, pregnancy checks, dental work, laboratory work, and much more.  Find out more about our Exotic Pet services.

Prescription Foods
- We sell many varieties of prescription foods and treats available from Hill's Science Diet, Royal Canin and Purina. 

Rehabilitation Services
- For more information check out our Rehabilitation page.

Puppy Parties -
Puppy parties are held monthly at the clinic and are a chance for 
your puppy to socialize in a controlled atmosphere, as well as giving owners a behind the scenes tour of the clinic.  To attend, puppies need to be between 8 and 16 weeks of age (no older), have their first set of vaccines including kennel cough and distemper, and be dewormed at least once.  For more information contact our clinic.

Mobile Unit
- Valley Vet now offers home visitations for a variety of services.  Many pets become stressed when they visit a veterinary clinic and some even cannot be examined due to anxiety.  Why not make it easier on your pet and yourself and schedule a home visit with one of our veterinarians?  Give us a call to inquire about the variety of services we now offer in the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

Laser Therapy
- Check out our Laser Therapy page for more information on this exciting new therapy option!

Our Payment Policy: Payment is due at time of services.  We accept all major credit cards, cash, personal checks (with proper ID), and debit cards.  We also offer Care Credit
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